Release note - Analytics Insights for Confluence Version 1.0

Analytics Insights for Confluence is released with compatibility with Confluence Server and Data Center

As your teams keep growing your data will also grow which makes it difficult to manage. Not after Spectrum Analytics Insights. We are pleased to provide you with our brand new app for Confluence users that comes to enlarge our set of apps and to help decision-makers have a clear view of Confluence activity. Now you can get into the finer details of your Confluence usage with invaluable data and insights. 

Our first release comes with two main sections :

1 - Space information :

The space information feature lets you enrich confluence space information in addition to system oriented details. The entry of this information will be through a form that is displayed each time the administrator visits an existing space before the app's installation, or directly after the creation of a new space.

Space information

  • Create space information page and make space details access easier.
  • Manage space information: description and labels from the identity page.
  • Control space audience: make space PUBLIC / PRIVATE.
  • Permissions management: managers and users groups.
  • Choose space sensitivity : OPEN / INTERNAL / CONFIDENTIAL.
  • Set space expiration date.

2 - Space Insights :

After creating spaces and filling it with various content it's time to track that activity with our space insights tools

  • Count of comments.
  • Count of pages.
  • Count of watchers.
  • Count of blog posts.
  • Count of interactions ( like + comment).
  • Count of contributions ( creation + update).
  • Count of engaged users.
  • Count of contributors.
  • Count of published pages.
  • Count of attachments.
  • Attachments size.
  • Count space groups.
  • Count space users.
  • Count of individual access.

  • Activity trend chart filtered by month, week, and day.
  • Content trend chart filtered by month, week, and day.
  • Interaction trend chart filtered by month, week, and day.

Listing Tables
  • Most commented pages table.
  • Most liked pages table.
  • Most shared pages table.
  • Content Information.
  • Attachments information.
  • Groups information.

All these features are generating data for use referring to our metrics that can be edited by you :

Governance Metrics
  • This feature allows Confluence administrator to have a global view about spaces and groups in the instance.
  • The default value of all governance metrics is calculated from a date extending from the first day of the current year without counting the active day.

Custom Metrics
  • Create your own metrics which is based on label, so you can track the count content

Start your first journey with Analytics Insights right now and have an eye on users' behavior and transform it into numerical data which helps you improve your user experience within your instance. 

Find all that you need about the new app and the detailed features in our user guide (user guide)

As always, we're here to help, if you've come across a problem, want to provide feedback, or require support, you can get in touch by email to Support.